The Help You Need When Purchasing a Business

One of the most significant risks involved with purchasing a new business is the unknown. The things you don't know or fail to ask about have the greatest potential to make a business purchase fail in the long term.

At Chenoweth Law Group in Portland, we represent clients in Oregon and Washington, and throughout the northwest in all types of business law matters, including startups and buying/selling business entities.

Our lawyers will explore all aspects of your potential business purchase, conducting due diligence to determine:

  • Financial viability: We engage qualified financial professionals to evaluate the books and tax documents to make sure the business you are considering to purchase is financially viable. Our attorneys will also look for any hidden liabilities in the purchase or in the long-term operation of the business to determine the true cost of the potential purchase.
  • Potential risks: Every business venture comes with certain inherent risks, and some have particularly significant risks associated with them. Our lawyers will explore these risks, and work with you and other professionals, so you know what you are getting into.
  • Legal challenges: There are many legal challenges that come with each business. You need to understand real estate, land use and zoning, employment contracts, and other issues before buying a business.
  • Negotiating and contract matters: Our lawyers are experienced negotiators and contract attorneys. We will help negotiate an equitable purchase contract and create the documents necessary for the transaction.

The biggest risk in purchasing a new business is the unknown. At CLG, our lawyers seek to mitigate or eliminate these risks before you sign a purchase agreement.

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