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Is it time to sell my business?

Starting and growing a business is like having that extra child-it's a lot of work and you pour yourself into it; if you're lucky you create something that can thrive on its own without you. Just like letting go of the reins with your kids, opportunities present themselves to do that with your business.

Timber trespass: potential liability for 3x damages

Individuals and businesses can find themselves involved in a timber trespass claim in Oregon or Washington. Timber trespass arises when someone cuts trees or shrubs belonging to someone else. Sometimes timber trespass results from actual theft of commercial timber or the intentional killing of trees standing in the way of a neighbor’s scenic view, but, more often, it is the result of a dispute over who owns the property on which the timber sits. Regardless, few people realize how the risks presented by a timber trespass claim.

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