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Successor liability: Avoiding the minefield of unexpected exposure

Buying a business is a risky proposition. The only way to contain and mitigate that risk is to conduct a thorough investigation into the acquisition target while being backed by retained advisors experienced in business transactions. In any acquisition there are dozens, if not hundreds, of risk factors. One such factor often not considered by first-time purchasers is that of successor liability - the extent to which the successor business, could be liable for certain debts and obligations of the seller's business after closing.

Ushering In A New Era In Of US-Based Privacy Regulation That Could Affect Your Business

Does your company engage in business in California? Does it collect personal information of consumers and alone, or with others, determine the purpose and means of processing same? If so, do any of the following describe your business?

Liability protections for members of LLPs and LLCs

When forming a business entity, liability protection for individual owners is a crucial consideration. Some entities provide greater protections than others. LLCs (limited liability companies) and LLPs (limited liability partnerships) are attractive options because they shield owners from personal liability.

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