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Protecting the Rights of Businesses in Landslide Claims

A landslide can cause remarkable damage to buildings and properties in nearby lower lying areas. The damages that result can be time-consuming and expensive to mitigate, and the primary challenges lie in determining who is at fault for a landslide and obtaining compensation for the damages caused.

Obviously, a landslide claim is not something anyone or any business should handle on their own. It requires legal training and experience to handle the factual challenges and the legal nuances involved with a case this serious. The stakes are high.

At Chenoweth Law Group in Portland, our attorneys understand the laws in Oregon, Washington, and California that are relevant to landslide claims and other real estate litigation matters. We take a detailed approach to these cases, making sure we do all the factual and legal research needed, and we work with a team of experts when needed to win our clients’ cases.

Representing Plaintiffs and Defendants in Landslide Cases

We provide aggressive plaintiff representation for businesses impacted by upslope landowners who cause damaging landslides. Our CLG attorneys know how to determine the causes of landslides, establish liability on the part of the defendant, and obtain compensation for our impacted clients.

Our lawyers also represent upslope landowners who are facing claims of landslide damages. We can establish that you did not cause the landslide. Alternatively, we can help you mitigate the damages caused and minimize the liability you will be facing.

Whether you are facing a landslide claim from a private entity or government agency, the attorneys of CLG know how to protect your rights and interests.

CLG is a premier business and real estate litigation firm. Our attorneys combine knowledge and experience with a smart approach to litigation. We always work to settle cases out of court whenever possible, and when a case has to go to litigation, our lawyers know how to win.

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