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A Strategic Approach
To Your Complex Legal Issues

Every decision we make has a purpose, designed to protect your interests now and into the future. We can address important matters beyond your primary legal issue and anticipate potential land mines.

The Smart Choice For Your Business

The Smart
For Your

We Avoid Unnecessary Litigation

Most legal disputes can be resolved without going to trial. But having a firm behind you that’s known and respected as a formidable opponent by Pacific Northwest law firms can only help your chances for pre-trial settlement. We have the experience, professionalism, and endurance to achieve successful results through direct negotiation and mediation. We understand that the keys to resolving any type of dispute are preparation, performing a risk/reward analysis, and appropriate application of leverage.

We Provide Customized Solutions

There is no one way to handle a case; each case is different and unique and a cookie-cutter approach fails to yield true value. Because we do not limit our practice by offering just a few areas of law or by representing only plaintiffs or only defendants, we can draw on varied experiences, strategies, and techniques to better serve our clients. We look at every client and case in a fresh light to select the approach that is likely to yield the best results under the circumstances.

What Makes Us Different?

We know where the potential land mines lie in business and other transactions, so we draft our agreements to avoid future litigation.

We tailor our representation to your particular needs.

Our attorneys and staff give you the level of personal attention you desire.

We embed strategic consideration in everything we do. We will begin preparing your case for possible trial early on.

Your Tenacious Trial Lawyers

When disputes arise between our clients and other businesses, we work to resolve those disputes informally through negotiations between counsel or through mediation. For those disputes that cannot be resolved informally, Chenoweth Law Group will litigate your dispute, finding the evidence and leverage you need to press your advantage at trial.

Our litigators begin planning for trial early, because success at trial largely depends on strategy and preparation. We will put you in a position of strength by bringing a polished case, a great depth of legal knowledge, and years of courtroom experience. We also take our grit and determination with us to court to represent your interests with tenacity.

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