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Employment Law

Both employee and employer invest significant time and energy into the employment relationship. If employment contracts or the resolution of disputes aren’t handled properly, the fallout could be disastrous for a business.

At Chenoweth Law Group in Portland, we handle complex employment matters for both new and existing businesses throughout the Northwest. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to protect your interests in all types of employment law matters, including contractual matters, litigation, and dispute resolution, and other employment matters.

Employment Contracts

Our lawyers help clients negotiate and draft all types of employment contracts, including employment agreements and noncompete agreements.

Employment Disputes

We help clients resolve all types of employment disputes, tailoring our approach for your business’s needs.


At CLG, we help clients draft employment contracts that avoid confusion and disputes while protecting our clients’ interests. When disputes do arise, we have the litigation and mediation experience to protect our clients and reach efficient, equitable resolution.

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