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Chenoweth Law Group (CLG) Builds the Best IP Portfolios

Our CLG IP team has decades of experience building the best intellectual property (IP) portfolios, but what makes up the best IP portfolio? and how is it built? Let’s start with the foundation to answer these questions.

The best IP portfolios come from solid IP-business fundamentals such as innovation capture, proven business operations that likely include unique know-how and valuable trade secrets, and visionary growth strategies represented by innovations in-house and collaborative development with others. The IP team at Chenoweth Law Group connects businesses and their people. With decades of in-house IP experience, we are the perfect interface for your engineering and technical teams who work hard to advance your competitive leadership. We also offer enterprise-wide and work group specific IP training and can help craft policies and procedures to fit your organization perfectly.

From there, the best IP portfolios include targeted federal and state IP filings and registrations, designed to safeguard, and help commercialize your unique IP and proprietary information. We can help you select, clear, adopt, and register your brands and trademarks, and obtain copyright registrations for all your works of authorship and productions.

Over time, your IP portfolio will not only represent valuable assets, but those assets will also be rare in the industry, hard to imitate by competitors, and promote a sustained competitive advantage whenever you exploit them. The best IP portfolios are a key component of industry and market leadership, and every business enjoying a sustained competitive advantage has one. Our IP team can help build one for you too and we don’t try to sell you something your enterprise doesn’t need or add to the complexity of any matter.

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