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IP Business Transactions and Competitive Advantage

Every one of your business contracts will either advance or detract from your current market position. There are no exceptions, not even for proprietary rights like intellectual property (IP). The Chenoweth Law Group IP team has extensive transactional expertise and experience in every area of IP law, including international IP and business. If your industry is highly regulated such as healthcare, energy, communications, or IT, or an industry demanding top-level government security clearance, our firm has the personnel and the technologically secure infrastructure ready to engage and meet your needs.

We offer an unbeatable combination of knowledge, skill, and tenacity that translates to economic efficiency and excellence. Guiding your business through a complex IP transaction to a celebratory result is a way of life for us, and we enjoy what we do but that’s not all. Our transactional legal services are “beginning-to-end”. Working with us comes with many other advantages.

We help our clients with all aspects of their post-transaction reporting and monitoring responsibilities, including post-acquisition integrations. We can help prepare or review the development agreement deliverables, address royalty and monetization issues, drive or respond to audits, or simply promote a higher level of operational compliance and resistance to threats wherever they may come from.

With IP piracy having become a global industry for the disreputable and other opportunists seeking to trade off the brands and goodwill of others, we also know the right IP strategy, contracts, and IP rights enforcement are important tools for growth and sustainability. A business relationship with Chenoweth Law Group will build up your portfolio and IP fitness ensuring a stronger tomorrow for your enterprise, large or small.

We can defend what you own and improve your positions by contract! Give our seasoned IP professionals a call. We’re here to help and look forward to working with you.

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The Chenoweth Law Group IP team is innovation-driven, customer service focused, and has an ultra-high degree of business acumen. We can help with all your IP business transactions and contracts, including negotiations. Whenever you form an industry alliance, work with a development partner or consultant, or enlist a key distributor or supplier for example, we offer the right mix of skill and finesse to setup the best possible outcome.

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