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Legal Help with Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are complex and critically important for both the employer and employee. Failure to give your employment contract the attention and expertise it deserves could result in financial disaster, as well as compromise your business’s ability to find and attract top talent.

An experienced attorney from Portland’s Chenoweth Law Group can handle all types of employment law matters for clients throughout Oregon, Washington, and the entire Northwest.

We help clients with employment contract matters involving:

  • Employment agreements: We handle all types of employment agreements, including general contracts for laborers, contracts for subcontractors, and other construction contracts, contracts for executives and officers, independent contractor agreements, and a range of other types of employment contracts.
  • Noncompete agreements: It is important to handle noncompete agreements carefully, as states’ laws differ and it’s easy to make errors that put your business in jeopardy. For example, the laws governing noncompete agreements in Washington and Oregon are significantly different, so it is important to work with an experienced lawyer. A simple mistake can render your noncompetition agreement unenforceable.
  • Nonsolicitation agreements: Whether you are an employer or employee, you want to make sure to protect your legal and financial interests when it comes to nonsolicitation agreements. Our attorneys understand the laws governing these agreements, and we can make sure you get the best arrangement possible.

We represent clients in negotiations with employees, draft all types of general employment contracts, including job descriptions, employment agreements, best practices documents, and policies for your entire work force.

Discuss Your Employment Contract Needs with an Attorney

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