Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Many missteps companies make in signing bad agreements that do not adequately protect your interests or give an unfair advantage or preference to the other party. Whether it’s dealing with a problematic employee or a difficult business alliance partner, trouble can be prevented with a phone call, meeting, or review of an email or document by our lawyers at Chenoweth Law Group. We are recognized as on-call general counsel to many of our clients. We can provide needed guidance or quick course correction before an ill-advised action is taken. Our philosophy is: “It’s cheaper to keep you out of trouble than to bail you out of trouble.” It’s a due diligence mindset we try and teach our clients so they can fully utilize our firm as a resource to grow.

Most firms do not have every kind of specialist for every legal issue, and while that’s true with CLG we do have many and are continuing to expand wherever we see the need. When our clients require a specialist or expert we research and hire one. We negotiate rates and fee agreements and stay on to provide light project management of that legal need to ensure things go smoothly and the clients get what they need for a reasonable fee. We review the specialist’s billings to ensure this result meets expectations as well.

At CLG, we represent businesses of all types. From our headquarters in Portland, we take on our client’s legal matters throughout Oregon, Washington, and California.

Types of Services We Offer

Our attorneys provide legal counsel and services in all aspects our clients’ businesses:

  • General outside counsel, advice and strategic planning
  • Corporate policies, training and best practices
  • Regulatory/compliance issues
  • Contract negotiation, drafting and review
  • Intellectual property protection (all variants)
  • Technology and development
  • Employment law matters
  • Dispute resolution and litigation

Types of Businesses We Represent

We represent a wide range of businesses.

  • Food and beverage businesses
  • Cannabis-related businesses
  • Financial services
  • Construction and design
  • Technology and software
  • Consulting and professional services
  • Real estate, property management and development
  • Medical service providers
  • Manufacturing
  • Entrepreneurs and investors
  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Green technologies including solid waste disposal and recycling

Flat-Rate Service Options

For many businesses, it is difficult to budget for legal services when they are charged at an hourly rate. For certain types of issues, the lawyers of CLG offer services at flat-rate fees, so you will know upfront the maximum amount you are going to spend. We are an efficient, ethical group of business lawyers. We also understand business cycles and can help you synchronize your legal matters with your income cycles and other operating budgets whenever possible.

Regardless of the type of business we represent or the type of services we provide, one thing remains the same: The lawyers of CLG use all their knowledge and experience, with a strong, shared goal of giving our clients the best legal representation available. We support each other and work as a team in pursuit of the best possible outcomes for your matter and situation. We have earned our reputation as a “can-do” law firm.

Contact CLG for a Consultation

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