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Chenoweth Law Group is a premiere litigation and commercial law firm based in Portland, Oregon. To reach our office, please call 503.446.6261. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our practice.

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My wife and I were very pleased with the work and effort of your firm to secure our satisfaction. Not only would I employ your group again, but I would not hesitate to recommend your firm.

Don and Deb

Mr. Foster helped us understand and navigate the confusing legal system with compassion and unwavering commitment to recovering our damages. He was a clear headed advocate for the four and half years that it took to resolve our complicated case.

Brooks always listened to our concerns intently. His strategies were always spot on while dealing with DEQ, environmental consultants, multiple insurance companies and some of the most prestigious law firms in Portland, Oregon. All correspondence, access agreements, complaints, summary judgments to the court and opposing counsel were always concise and captured the essence of our case. Thus leaving the court with little doubt as to the level of harm that had been done to us and our desire to be made whole. Due to Mr. Foster’s attention to detail he saved us tens of thousands of dollars in costs.

When we were feeling desperate with our situation we always knew we could contact Brooks and he would clearly explain the risks and benefits of our case, rendering us with the confidence that we were on the right path. In fact, due to his straight forward, astute, energetic representation we prevailed.

Brooks treated us with respect and understanding, making us feel we were more than just a client. We will be forever indebted to him for an outstanding job!

Debbie and Steve

I rely on Brian for level-headed assessment and realistic recommendations. Although he is passionate about the law, he doesn’t let it cloud his judgment about what will work in the long run. You’ll look long and hard to find a better choice.


I’ve had occasion to work with Brian Chenoweth twice now on business and real estate issues and in both cases, the experience couldn’t have been better. Mr. Chenoweth’s intellect, professionalism and legal abilities are all exceptional. And perhaps most importantly, in both instances I worked with him Mr. Chenoweth was able to get exactly the outcome I was looking for.


I had a serious problem with an oil tank claim and at first it looked like I would take a huge hit financially. I was told I was not going to be able to get any money from the previous owner but Brian Chenoweth came through for me and my family! We received full payment for the oil tank decommissioning and it took less than a year! Brian or his assistant ALWAYS replied quickly to any questions or concerns, EVEN WHEN HE WAS ON VACATION!!! WOW!!! With Brian you can throw all preconceived ideas about lawyers out the window. He is great and I cannot thank him enough!

Cory S.

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Chenoweth for more than 10 years and find him brilliant, energetic, creative and forthright. He works hard for his clients and has a good technical understanding of the scientific and engineering aspects of environmental and natural resource cases (in addition, of course, to the legal).


Lawyer jokes are well deserved by most, however, I have indeed found the exception to the rule. With the dozens of attorneys I have worked with over the decades, Brian Chenoweth has finally proven to me that good counsel is indeed available and invaluable. Brian and his staff have a rare ability to listen, research and apply the appropriate law and tactics in an efficient “low drag” style that has saved us tens of thousands of dollars and untold man hours of time having to deal with the unpleasantness that follows unwarranted attacks and the legal challenges of a successful and growing business.


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