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Collection of Business Debts and Judgments

Having to collect a debt can pose significant challenges for a creditor. They may have to act quickly, before other creditors obtain liens or judgments. The creditor may also have to track down hidden assets, and if necessary, use a third party to apply a lien against property.

At Chenoweth Law Group, we aggressively represent clients in commercial collection actions and other business disputes. Our law firm acts quickly to identify a debtor’s assets, obtain prejudgment relief, and prevent dissipation or transfer of the debtor’s assets. From our headquarters in Portland, CLG lawyers represent clients in Oregon, Washington, and California.

We provide responsive service throughout the legal process, keeping clients updated on the status of their claims.

Obtaining Prejudgment Relief and Motivating Debtors to Pay

Our attorneys take a strategic approach to every case, regardless of its size.

We will analyze the debtor’s financial structure and identify assets to target for liens or seizure. By obtaining writs of attachment and prejudgment attachments early in the process, we can ensure that the debtor’s assets are not transferred or used to pay another creditor. These types of proactive measures can serve to motivate the debtor to find the funds to satisfy our client.

Responsive Service at All Stages of the Process

The attorneys at CLG will keep you informed of important developments as the process moves forward. We are committed to providing responsive service and vigorous representation in debt collection matters.

Get Help with Debt Collection: Contact Us Today

To schedule a consultation about a debt collection case in Oregon, Washington, or California, call 503.446.6261 in Portland or complete our online contact form.

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