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Commercial Landlord/Tenant Disputes

At Chenoweth Law Group, we handle a broad range of cases involving commercial property on behalf of property owners or tenants. Representing clients in Oregon, Washington, and California from our Portland office, our law firm can provide support for landlords and tenants with multiple properties, as well as single properties. In every case, we work to resolve our clients’ problems quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Results-Oriented Representation for Property Owners and Tenants

Attorneys from CLG represent clients in disputes involving:

  • Commercial lease provisions
  • Common area maintenance charges (CAM charges)
  • Disputes involving signage and other usage provisions
  • Build-out provisions in commercial leases
  • Collection of unpaid rent
  • Evictions
  • Other types of commercial landlord-tenant disputes

Because we have experience on both sides of these cases — plaintiffs and defendants, landlords and tenants — we can accurately anticipate the factors considered by your opponent in litigating the case and build a stronger case for you.

Aggressively Protecting the Rights and Interests of Landlords

With over 70 years of combined experience, we at CLG understand the needs and concerns of commercial landlords. We believe that success in a dispute involving a commercial lease starts with thorough preparation. Our real estate litigation attorneys will carefully analyze the factual and legal issues in your case, explain your legal options and recommend your best course of action.

Often, our thorough case preparation methods and assertive approach can enable us to negotiate a successful resolution of the matter. If a lawsuit is necessary, our commercial dispute lawyers will vigorously represent you at all stages of the legal process. We also offer creative and flexible billing options that will help you predict and budget for your litigation costs.

Are You a Tenant Whose Lease Is Up for Renewal?

Many businesses become closely associated in the public’s mind with a particular location, so much so that in some cases, the economic basis for a business rests in its location. If the landlord then raises the rent significantly or wishes to lease the space to another tenant, the viability of the business can be threatened. CLG can represent you in lease negotiations, seeking a means to retain your prime location. Put our experience and negotiation skills to work for you.

Get Help Now: Contact Us

For a consultation about a commercial landlord-tenant matter, contact CLG at 503.446.6261 in Portland.

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