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Lawyers Handling Employment Contracts for Businesses

It’s surprising how many business owners and executives rush into long-term contracts with employees without taking the time to solidify their goals.

Contracts are binding. If you enter into an unfavorable deal on behalf of your company, you may not be able to undo it. At Chenoweth Law Group in Portland, our lawyers can help you determine your goals, create a sound strategy, and negotiate and draft employment contracts that will best serve your company’s needs and protect your long-term interests.

Negotiating Employment Contracts

Our attorneys are experienced and skilled negotiators. We can represent you in negotiating employment contracts with executives, officers, and other potential hires, handling issues such as:

  • Start date
  • Compensation packages
  • Benefits packages
  • Terms of termination
  • Noncompete and nonsolicit

Protecting Your Interests

There are significant risks in any contractual agreement. With employment contracts, employers run the risk of exposure to a range of legal violations or civil claims. Our lawyers know the law and will protect your interests.

Noncompete and Nonsolicit

Among the most important interests companies need to protect are their proprietary information and business relationships. For certain industries, employers need noncompete agreements to protect their intellectual property in the event an employee leaves the company.

Similarly, a nonsolicitation clause prevents a former employee from stealing a company’s customer base or remaining employees after leaving the company.

It is important to know that the law can vary significantly from state to state when it comes to noncompetition, nonsolicitation, and other restrictive covenants in employment law. A business in Washington, for example, will face different laws governing these agreements than a business in Oregon. Our lawyers are well-versed in these laws, and we represent clients throughout the Northwest.

Document Drafting

We also draft employee handbooks, employment contracts, job descriptions, company policies, best practices, and other important documents for our business clients.

Contact CLG

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