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Landslide Litigation

Landslides can be devastating. There have been many cases in the Pacific Northwest, where whole communities were displaced by mudslides, debris flows, rock falls, and similar incidents. Recovering damages in such incidents can be difficult and requires careful investigation.

The environmental law attorneys at Chenoweth Law Group — with offices in Portland — have ample experience handing landslide cases in Oregon, Washington, and California.

We represent landslide victims, and the individuals or organizations needing defense against landslide claims. Our experience representing both sides is a significant asset to our clients, because our ability to anticipate objections helps us build strong cases.

Experience Handling Landslide Claims

Landslide claims are challenging for the victims because homeowners insurance policies generally don’t cover landslide damage. To recover damages, most victims must find another party they can hold liable and seek compensation from that party’s insurers. Liable parties may include:

  • Property developers and their agents
  • Neighboring property owners
  • County, city, or other governmental agencies
  • Prior owners of property

Gathering sufficient evidence to prove liability can be difficult. Our lawyers have experience with these types of cases, and they collaborate with geological and geotechnical experts to conduct a thorough investigation. We also use our knowledge and resources to prove that the types of liable parties mentioned above are in fact blameless.

Our Promise to You

As one of the region’s leading law firms, we attribute our record of success and our excellent reputation to three commitments that set us apart:

  • Our attorneys will give you their personal attention.
  • We develop customized strategies to meet your needs.
  • We prepare each case as though it were going to trial, from the moment we begin work.

The last of these may be the most important. While we are experienced litigators with stellar courtroom records, it’s wise to avoid a trial when possible. That said, our diligent, focused preparation leaves no stone unturned, and ensures that opponents take us seriously.

Contact Us for Help with the Aftermath of a Landslide

To schedule a consultation about your landslide claim or defense needs, call CLG at 503.446.6261 in Portland or complete our online contact form.

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