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Insurance Law

When insurers wrongfully deny coverage, Chenoweth Law Group can help. Our attorneys have a long track record of success in obtaining insurance coverage and compensation for policyholders through litigation.

At CLG, we believe effective insurance coverage advocacy requires in-depth examination of policy provisions and knowledge of insurance company practices. Our lawyers do the research necessary to fully understand your policy and coverage exclusions and defenses raised by your carrier, then use our skills in litigation to seek the best possible result.

We understand that purchasing and maintaining insurance coverage can protect you from unwarranted and costly claims. However, that insurance is only valuable if your insurer provides coverage when you need it. Whether you are a commercial or residential construction contractor, homeowner, or business owner, we can help you obtain coverage for a wide variety of claims and losses.

Sometimes when your insurance company denies your claim, it is due to the negligence of your insurance agent or broker. Failing to identify gaps in coverage, failing to ensure you have adequate policy limits, and failing to procure the coverage you request when you request it can have devastating results on your coverage. When these situations raise issues regarding the professional negligence of an insurance agent, you need help from a knowledgeable attorney.

At CLG, we represent clients from our headquarters in Portland throughout Oregon, Washington, and California. As an experienced commercial litigation firm, we have the skills, know-how, and expert contacts within the industry to defend and prosecute claims.

Extensive Representation

Do you have a multistate insurance claim or litigation issue? Our lawyers are licensed to practice law in Oregon, Washington, and California. That means we understand the fundamentals of insurance policy rules and regulations throughout the Pacific Northwest. We can help you resolve your insurance disputes aggressively and cost-effectively, no matter how basic or complex.

Proven Expertise

Is your insurance company short-changing you? Have you been harmed by its unreasonable delays? Has it denied your claim or taken an adversarial position? Insurance litigation can help you obtain the coverage you need. At CLG, our broad experience with insurance coverage issues includes:

  • Wrongful denials of coverage
  • Investigation and reconstruction of lost policies
  • Coverage for environmental liability
  • Insurance agent liability issues
  • Monitoring appointed defense counsel

Negotiation and Litigation

Our attorneys employ aggressive, principled, and authoritative negotiation tactics and litigation strategies to help you receive your desired outcome. Our experience in this field means we have seen most of the tactics employed by insurance companies and their coverage lawyers, and we have developed our own strategies to combat them and generate leverage. When your case requires the testimony of an expert witness, we know who to call.

Trial and Appeals

If you are not satisfied with negotiated settlement proposals, we can take your case to trial and attempt to secure a better outcome there. Our attorneys will attempt to uncover and explore every detail of your insurance case. We can then formulate strategies aimed at achieving a satisfactory trial outcome. If necessary, we can appeal to reverse a bad decision or advocate for the court of appeals to affirm a decision in your favor.

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