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Fire Casualty Loss Litigation

When you are attempting to settle a fire claim with a large insurance company, it can be difficult and frustrating to get the compensation you deserve. If you find yourself dealing with losses after a fire or any other catastrophic event, and you want to protect your rights when working with insurance companies, we can help.

Northwest Fire Lawyers is a division of Chenoweth Law Group in Portland that is entirely dedicated to representing clients who are coping with the aftermath of a fire in Oregon, Washington, and California.

Our business litigation lawyers represent homeowners, businesses, apartment complexes, and others with fire or disaster-related claims. If your insurance company is denying your claim, moving very slowly to pay the claim, demanding more evidence and proof of loss, or otherwise putting you in a difficult position, you may need the assistance of a skilled attorney.

Oregon and Washington Fire Insurance Claim Attorneys

Never sign a release, waiver, or hold harmless agreement without speaking to a lawyer.

Never give a recorded or sworn statement or proof of loss without seeking advice from legal counsel.

Please contact us to discuss your situation during a no-cost initial consultation with our Portland firm. We handle fire loss and casualty insurance issues in Oregon and Washington.

Insurance companies make their profits by collecting premiums and investing that money, not by paying claims. Insurance companies gain by minimizing payouts on your claim and delaying final payment.

Although many insurance companies have principled adjusters who are required to follow rules of good faith and fair dealing, some often go too far as they take advantage of people who are facing the biggest loss of their lives.

Our fire lawyers put you on the offense to recover the highest possible amount. We have litigated against most of the large insurance companies and they know who we are. We strive to use our experience, skills, and relationships to promptly resolve those cases that can be fairly settled, but we will aggressively bring to trial those cases that must be tried.

Accidental Fire and Casualty Policies

All types of insurance policies, including accidental fire and casualty policies, are written in dense legal language that can be difficult for individuals to understand. Our firm can meet with you, review your policies, and explain to you your rights. Your insurance company has a duty to abide by the coverage that is stated in your policy, and we are determined to get you the compensation you deserve.

Before You Sign Anything, Contact Us

We can help you understand your rights, options, and obligations in all types of fire loss, casualty, and other insurance matters. Please call us at 503.446.6261 in Portland or complete our online contact form.

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