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Helping with Contracts and Business Agreements

A business is built on a framework of contracts and agreements that structure its operations and provide a direction for growth. It is critical that these agreements are carefully created with a long-term perspective and thoughtfully worded terms that will protect the business as it grows and develops.

Chenoweth Law Group, P.C., provides skilled representation to businesses of all sizes, from young startups to established companies with decades of experience. We assist in the drafting, negotiation and enforcement of all types of contracts.

Our attorneys are experienced in contract law related to all types of industries and work closely with clients to develop contracts that protect and facilitate growth and protect their interests, both in the current stage of growth and in the years to come.

Developing Solid Contracts and Agreements

Our firm assists in contracts of all types:

  • Buy-sell agreements and other transactional contracts
  • Vendor agreements
  • Customer agreements
  • Employment contracts, including non-compete agreements and NDAs
  • Insurance policies and agreements
  • Distribution agreements

Many companies return to us throughout the life of their business, trusting the representation and guidance we provide. By developing close relationships with our clients, we gain a deep understanding of their business and its operations.

We know their goals for the future, their financial needs, the demands of their industries and issues within the industry and regulatory structure that could pose risk later. This equips us to craft thoughtful and intentionally structured contracts that will safeguard them for years to come.

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