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Protecting Your Company’s Client Base

It is important to protect your business’s long-term interests by using nonsolicitation agreements with employees whenever possible. Nonsolicitation agreements prevent former employees from soliciting your company’s client base or existing employees for a competing business interest.

However, there are many complications and possible pitfalls in these agreements and mistakes can be extremely costly to your business. The skilled employment lawyers at Chenoweth Law Group can make noncompete agreements work for you.

Will Your Nonsolicitation Agreement Hold Up?

It’s one thing to draft and have an employee sign a nonsolicitation agreement. It’s another thing to have the agreement be enforceable by law.

Some states will presume nonsolicitation agreements are not enforceable, leaving the burden of proof on the employer to establish why the agreement should stand. Other states take a more favorable view. Every state can choose to not enforce an agreement of this kind if certain conditions are not met.

At CLG, we are well-versed in the state laws governing nonsolicitation agreements. Our lawyers serve clients in Oregon, Washington, California, and throughout the Northwest. We have the knowledge and experience to make sure your agreement is valid and enforceable.

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