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Contaminated Property Cleanup and Cost Recovery

The costs of cleanup and purification of contaminated land are astronomical. In many cases, there can fines, civil liabilities, and other penalties for business landowners who cause the contamination. Whether your business caused contamination, your land has been contaminated by someone else’s negligence, or you purchased commercial property that you later discovered was contaminated, you need an experienced team of attorneys you can trust to protect your interests.

At Chenoweth Law Group in Portland, we handle property contamination cleanup and other environmental law matters for clients throughout Oregon, Washington, and California. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience handling business and environmental law matters for our commercial clients. As a premier commercial litigation firm, we serve as trusted advisers and advocates for our clients.

Defense Against Civil Claims and Agency Charges

When an incident or operation on a property causes environmental damage and contamination, the corporate property owner faces a number of challenges. Civil claims from neighboring property owners who might be impacted by the contamination, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other agencies can bring claims against the property owner. Further, the property owner could be held liable for the costs of cleanup and decontamination.

At CLG, our lawyers work with the agencies and negotiate with plaintiff businesses to settle these claims. In every case we handle, we prepare for intense litigation, but put forth every effort to resolve our clients’ disputes through negotiation and settlements whenever possible.

Claims Against Other Property Owners

Our attorneys also represent business landowners who have had their lands contaminated by neighboring properties. We can work to establish liability and bring successful claims to cover the cleanup costs and damages.

Claims Against Former Owners

In property transactions, sellers are required to disclose any problems with the property being sold. Any known issues — including issues involving contaminated soil — need to be disclosed to the buyer before the contract is finalized.

At CLG, our lawyers represent businesses that have purchased properties, only to discover contamination after the fact. We can bring claims to cover the costs of cleanup and repair, and for compensation for any damages that result.

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