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Intentional Interference with Business Relationships

Businesses have the freedom and right to enter into contacts with others and be free from improper interference. Competing companies are always free to try and wrestle business away from a competitor, but they must do it in a fair and legal manner.

When another party interferes with the contractual or business relationship of others using improper tactics or for an improper purpose, the party who is damaged has a claim for intentional interference with those economic relations. Bad actors try to accomplish their goals through fraud, spreading falsehoods, hiring employees away who are prohibited from competing with a company, and many more actions.

Chenoweth Law Group provides knowledgeable representation in identifying bad actors and dealing with intentional interference claims. We seek to uncover all the acts employed to harm business relationships and then capture all potential damages in an effort to make our client’s whole.

At CLG in Portland, our attorneys handle business disputes, including business defamation and business interference throughout Oregon, Washington, and California. We take a professional approach with an emphasis on efficient resolution to our clients’ disputes. Our attorneys will advise you of your rights and options and walk you through every step of your case.

Preventing Tortious Interference Through Decisive Legal Action

To prove tortious interference or the intentional interference of a third party, one must prove:

  • A contractual or business relationship existed
  • The third party knew about the contract or the business relationship
  • The third party took intentional action to harm or interfere with the contractual or business relationship using an “improper mean” or for an “improper purpose”
  • That the interference resulted in damages

It is important that those involved in a situation like this seek legal representation as soon as possible to gather important evidence that may be lost and to prevent further interference from the third party and recover damages.

Our attorneys are experienced in identifying signs of interference and motives of the third party to interfere in the contact. We assemble the evidence needed to prove tortious interference and are prepared to take the matter to litigation to protect the interests of our clients.

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