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As the threat from COVID-19 has lessened, our office has resumed in person meetings where appropriate, but we are still meeting with clients remotely as well.  We will continue to monitor the state’s latest health guidance and advisories and adapt to them.

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Partnership agreements and buyouts

When a business partnership changes, it can shift the company's dynamic, creating confusion and frustration. Separating from a partner can occur for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons are: A partner plans to retire Partners conflict, preventing the...


Intellectual property (IP) is a product of the human mind. IP is recognized under the law as the fruit of invention, authorship, discovery, and education that most businesses call "innovation". IP rights are the property rights associated with innovation. A business's...

Spectrum of Distinctiveness (SOD)

Branding (or rebranding) can be an anxiety filled process or a streamlined professional success. The difference between misery and success is best practices--starting with selection. The process of selecting a "good" trademark often confuses a lot of entrepreneurs....

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