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Civil Litigation

Can you sue for defamation?

Requirements for civil defamation lawsuits differ for each state, but some common rules tend to apply. Some of those rules are involved in determining whether you have the basis to file a defamation lawsuit. You can't necessarily sue everyone who says or prints...

What is a petition or complaint?

The petition or complaint is typically the very first document that is filed in a civil case. It is the document that begins the case, and it is supposed to outline the case that the plaintiff has. That means that the petition names the defendant or defendants and...

2 ways to increase appeals success

Most businesses bring a civil case to court because they believe they have a good chance of winning the case. Most of the time, if you are sure you will lose, you will probably settle out of court. But what happens if you do lose in court? It does happen, and that's...

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