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Land Use Litigation & Appeals

Protecting Your Rights in Zoning Disputes

The attorneys of Chenoweth Law Group understand that laws related to land use and zoning can be quite frustrating and confusing for many businesses. Some of our clients find their investment in their property threatened by strained interpretations of vague building and development standards at the county and city level. Others find their property in jeopardy by ill-conceived development plans near their property and inadequate scrutiny by local building officials who face shrinking budgets.

For many businesses throughout Oregon, Washington, and California, CLG is a trusted source of counsel and advocacy in a range of real estate litigation matters, including land use and zoning. Our lawyers provide efficient, smart dispute resolution service, with an eye toward finding nonlitigious solutions whenever possible.

What Is Zoning?

Cities, municipalities, and counties divide land into categories that determine the purposes for which the land can be used. Commercial zoning affects where businesses can carry out their activities, including what types of business may occupy a certain property. Zoning laws may also regulate features of a building (such as height or placement on the property), noise levels, waste management, and parking.

A Comprehensive Suite of Services

Our Portland, Oregon, attorneys aim to provide thorough and effective advice and litigation services for your land use planning, development, and permitting issues. We can help you from the prepurchase, due diligence, and inspection phase all the way through closing. We can also represent you before local and state land use and planning commissions, adjudicatory boards, and courts of appeals. Whatever your situation, our goal is to minimize the potential negative consequences and provide you with the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

Compliance Support

Land development and zoning issues can be difficult matters to resolve. We provide our clients with guidance regarding compliance with federal, state, and local land use and development laws. Utilizing our services in order to take proactive steps to understand the restrictions on the property you purchase can minimize the risk of being surprised by development restrictions that could erode the value of your most important asset.

Other Related Areas

Land use law often involves complex processes and procedures. CLG aims to provide effective strategies and solutions in the following land use areas:

  • Land acquisitions
  • Brownfields redevelopment
  • Agency negotiations at the local, state, and federal levels
  • Prospective purchaser agreement negotiations
  • Environmental audits
  • Representation in civil and agency land use actions
  • Wetlands and critical habitat areas
  • Regulatory representation
  • Compliance counseling
  • Agency petitions
  • Agency enforcement defense
  • Protecting your property from other development projects

Service Across the Pacific Northwest

Our lawyers are licensed to practice law in Oregon, Washington, and California. We can work to help protect your interests in land use and zoning litigation across the Pacific Northwest. You do not need to work with multiple law firms in order to have comprehensive land use representation.

Stop the Guesswork: Talk to an Attorney Today

To discuss your land use issue, please call us at 503.446.6261 in Portland or complete our online contact form.

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