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CLG Represents a Range of Businesses

Although every business is different, there is one thing that every business has in common: Legal issues are bound to arise in the course of your business’s life span. Other than a neighborhood lemonade stand, almost no business can expect to be completely free from legal issues (and technically, even a lemonade stand could face real estate/zoning issues or liability of some kind).

The best thing for any business to do is to be prepared in advance for these legal issues. Waiting for problems to arise puts businesses in a reactive mode, and by the time they can react, it’s too late.

At Chenoweth Law Group, we provide sound legal counsel and legal services for clients in a range of businesses. Located in Portland, we represent businesses throughout Washington and Oregon.

  • Food and beverage businesses: There are unique laws and licensing issues when it comes to taverns, night clubs, restaurants, wineries, breweries, food processors, and other related businesses.
  • Cannabis-related businesses: We represent all aspects of cannabis businesses, including growers, processors, retailers, and wholesalers. Our attorneys help cannabis businesses with licensing, compliance, corporate structuring, employee issues, business litigation and related issues.
  • Financial services: Banking, lending, and other financial services are among the most difficult businesses to run without regulatory and compliance problems with state, federal, and administrative laws. Our attorneys understand the industry and its challenges.
  • Construction and design: This industry is fraught with challenges, from the earliest stages of construction and new building design, through the change orders and unforeseen conditions, to collections, lien claims, construction defect claims, and other issues that arise after the fact. Our experienced attorneys represent construction and design firms in all their legal needs.
  • Technology and software: Our lawyers represent all types of technology and software companies throughout Washington and Oregon, including businesses involved in hardware, testing equipment, computer chips, pixel, and display work, software and program writing, communications technology, and various other interests.
  • Consulting and professional services: CLG lawyers represent law firms, accounting firms, consulting firms and related businesses in business planning, compliance, dispute resolution and other issues that commonly arise.
  • Real estate development, sales, and property management: Issues commonly arise in this industry involving contract problems, compliance, collections, tenant problems, employee issues, and exposure to legal actions.
  • Medical/dental service providers: We represent businesses in this profession in forming entities, when owners buy in or leave a practice, employee or partner disputes, physician/dentist contracts, and lease or other real estate disputes.
  • Manufacturing: Our firm represents businesses in manufacturing of technology components, industrial parts, athletic wear, forest products, aerospace, and aviation materials, agriculture, food products, etc.
  • Entrepreneurs and investors: Our attorneys provide counsel and litigation services for entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Retail: We represent chains both national and international, online retailers, and brick-and-mortar stores throughout Oregon and Washington.
  • Insurance: CLG has provided counsel and litigation services for insurance brokers on liability, employment, and collection matters.

Our attorneys offer flat-rate fee schedules as well as hourly fees for a range of services we provide. Talk with one of our lawyers to learn more.

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