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Multiple Legal Services for All Types of Businesses

When considering the long-term life of a business, most people think about market conditions, location, pricing, and offering quality products and services. However, there is more to it than that. One of the easiest ways for a business to go under is to make a legal mistake.

In fact, the single most important factor for any business to maintain a long and healthy life span is quality legal representation. For both brand new startups and well-established businesses and corporations alike, sound legal counsel is critical. Failure to work with experienced legal counsel will leave your business exposed to compliance problems, lawsuits, and other significant problems that could derail your business’s bottom line.

At Chenoweth Law Group, we represent businesses of all types. From our headquarters in Portland, we take on our clients’ legal matters throughout Oregon, Washington, and California.

Types of Services We Offer

Our attorneys provide legal counsel and services in all aspects our clients’ businesses:

  • General outside counsel, advice and strategic planning
  • Corporate policies, training and best practices
  • Regulatory/compliance issues
  • Contract negotiation, drafting and review
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Employment law matters
  • Dispute resolution and litigation

Types of Businesses We Represent

We represent a wide range of businesses.

  • Food and beverage businesses
  • Cannabis-related businesses
  • Financial services
  • Construction and design
  • Technology and software
  • Consulting and professional services
  • Real estate, property management and development
  • Medical service providers
  • Manufacturing
  • Entrepreneurs and investors
  • Retail
  • Insurance

Flat-Rate Service Options

For many businesses, it is difficult to budget for legal services when they are charged at an hourly rate. For certain types of issues, the lawyers of CLG offer services at flat-rate fees, so you will know upfront exactly what you are going to spend.

Regardless of the type of client business we’re representing or the type of services we are offering, one thing remains the same: The lawyers of CLG use all their knowledge and experience, with a strong shared commitment to giving our clients the best legal representation available.

Contact CLG for a Consultation

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