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Services We Provide at CLG

Chenoweth Law Group is a premier law firm providing a range of solutions for businesses throughout Oregon, Washington, and California. From our headquarters in Portland, we take a dedicated, personalized approach to serving our clients’ needs, backed by extensive experience.

With the complications and potential risks involved, it is important to work with an experienced legal team you can trust. For all types of businesses, we provide a full range of legal services, including:

General Legal Advice and Strategy

At CLG, we are not just lawyers looking for a project to bill. Instead, we look for clients with businesses we like and are proud to call clients. We take the time to learn our clients’ industries and business models, so we can take a holistic approach to our representation. Our attorneys listen and understand our clients’ businesses, then providing counsel and solutions that are carefully tailored to meet their needs.

Corporate Policies and Training

For the success of your business, it is critical to align your corporate policies and training with your overarching goals and initiatives in a way that will be effective and legally protective. Our lawyers know how to understand our clients’ goals, and we know the laws regulating various businesses. We can help you create your policies and training in a way that will accomplish your goals while avoiding regulatory missteps.

Regulatory/Compliance Issues

Federal, state and local regulations affect virtually every industry, and many industries have regulatory agencies reviewing and enforcing regulations against them. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience navigating the minefield of compliance issues for industries of all types and sizes.


Contracts are essential to most businesses. The relationships between a company and its employees, the vendors supplying materials and tools or products, its landlord, and its entire customer base are all defined, in some way, by contract.

One small error or oversight in a contract could be devastating for a company. Our lawyers know business and contract law. We provide a full range of contract representation, including negotiation, drafting, review, and dispute resolution of contracts.

Intellectual Property

We are living in an information age. Every business needs to protect its ideas, data, processes, inventions and other forms of intellectual property. Our lawyers can help clients obtain and enforce protection for their intellectual property, and we defend businesses against legal claims involving violations of intellectual property rights.

Employment Matters

It is easy for businesses to make mistakes when it comes to employee relations. But simple mistakes can be extremely costly for a business. We provide counsel for businesses regarding employee policies and handbooks, hiring and firing, wage and hour laws, and other aspects of regulatory compliance, contracts, and other issues.

Dispute Resolution

No matter how carefully a business runs its operations, disputes can arise unexpectedly. When they do, it is important to handle them efficiently and effectively. Our lawyers focus on finding resolution through settlement negotiations whenever possible. Finding nonlitigious solutions minimizes time and cost for our clients.

When litigation is the only option, our attorneys fight to win in the courtroom within the bounds of the ethics that govern our profession. The firms opposing CLG in litigation know this and know the tenacity we bring. That in itself often serves as a catalyst for a negotiated resolution.

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Business law matters should be handled by experienced lawyers who understand the legal landscape of your business. Call us at 503.446.6261 or contact us online to discuss your business’s legal needs.

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