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Homeowners sue over alleged construction defects

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2012 | Civil Litigation |

Alleged construction defects to a community of luxury townhouses in Lake Oswego, Oregon have negatively affected the structures, according to residents. The homeowners association for the Sunset Crossing community has recently filed a $5 million lawsuit against the developer that built the townhouses among other parties.

The association’s gripe over water and structural damage resulted from a construction defect. The community’s residents reported water seeping into their homes via windows, walls and the floor. The moisture has caused a number of issues, including mold and wood deterioration, among other issues. The homeowners association identified 25 different construction defects as contributors to the water problem.

All together, the homeowner’s association has listed Aspen Townhouses Inc., a Portland-based general contractor called Centurion Homes Inc. and the developer as defendants. A man, who is president of both the parties, is also listed, along with his wife. They are accused of not repairing the damage, which is a violation of local and state building codes. The homeowner’s association filed the claim in Clackamas County Circuit Court last month.

An attorney for Aspen Townhouses Inc.’s insurance provider has enlisted the aid of other contractors to examine the structures to determine the extent of the damages.

The man listed as a defendant said he is treating the allegations very seriously. The West Linn, resident said his companies would also work hard to examine the validity of the claims.

The buildings were constructed in 2005 and consist of 10 three-story townhouses. The contractor being sued also built 10 other townhouse developments throughout Oregon.

Source: The Oregonian, “Lake Oswego luxury townhouse owners suing developers for $5 million over alleged construction deficits,” Everton Bailey Jr., Dec. 16, 2011

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