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Oregon man sues IRS agent

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2013 | Civil Litigation |

An agent with the Internal Revenue Service has been targeted by an Oregon man’s lawsuit that claims she coerced him into agreeing to a sexual encounter. According to the recently-filed civil litigation, the agent threatened to impose a harsh tax penalty on the man if he failed to “give her what she wanted.”

A representative with the IRS said the agency could not comment on the plaintiff’s claims and would neither confirm nor deny that the defendant was still employed with the agency. The defendant also declined reporters’ requests for comment on the case.

The plaintiff says he first became acquainted with the agent when she contacted him regarding a 2011 tax audit, informing him that “she knew who he was, and that it was lucky for him that this was the case, and that they should meet.” The meaning behind that cryptic alleged statement appears to be unclear. However, the plaintiff said he was soon repeatedly contacted by the agent, who reportedly flirted with him over phone calls and text messages. He claims she even sent him an image of herself stripped to her underwear.

After he continued to rebuff her advances, the woman allegedly told the plaintiff that she could impose a 40 percent tax penalty or none at all. She reportedly showed up at his door in 2011, dressed “proactively,” and coerced the man into having sex with her. Throughout his encounters with the defendant, the plaintiff claims he never reported the alleged misconduct out of fear the agent would impose significant tax penalties on him.

However, the man ultimately filed suit against the agent after the incident left him wrought with distress and damaged his relationship with his significant other. The lawsuit demands that the government provide him damages in lieu of the agent, as the IRS’s supervision of the woman was insufficient to prevent abuses such as those detailed in the filing.

Source: Oregon Live, “Northwest News: Female IRS agent wanted sex, threatened tax penalty, lawsuit alleges,” Feb. 1, 2013

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