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Oregon Department of State Lands denies Ambre Energy plan

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2014 | Civil Appeals |

Protecting the interests of the environment is something that some conscionable citizens and government authorities take responsibility for. When these individuals take steps that corporations or other individuals don’t particularly like, court battles can start. Civil cases and civil appeals for these environmental cases sometimes occur. One case regarding Ambre Energy seems like it might be heading toward an appeal.

The Oregon Department of State Lands has rejected an application from the company to place pilings in the Columbia River. Ambre Energy wants to build a terminal where coal would be placed on barges to be placed on vessels as part of shipping the coal to Asian buyers.

In response to the denial, a representative of DSL says that they made the right decision based on the information they have, including more than 20,000 public comments regarding the application. Ambre Energy has 21 days to appeal the ruling made by the DSL.

Opponents of the shipping plan say this is a significant hurdle for the project, which critics say would double barge traffic on the river. The increase in traffic is what they say it will take to move the 8.8 million tons of coal that Ambre says it would transport along the river.

Protecting the salmon and other environmental interests of the area is something that many people take seriously. For people who need to protect the interests of the environment, knowing the laws that apply to the situation might help as they pursue the civil litigation necessary to keep the interests of wildlife and local lands protected.

Source: Portland Business Journal, “Environmental, business and civic groups cheer coal terminal decision” Wendy Culverwell, Aug. 20, 2014

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