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Trade secrets and non-competition agreements

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2014 | Civil Appeals |

As many businesses may know, a venture’s competitive edge may rely on information that is protected from competitors. Many of these policies and procedures are designated as trade secrets, and some businesses ask that employees sign non-compete agreements in order to provide these secrets with added protection.

Trade secrets are generally protected under law. This is because the dissemination of that information might hurt a business’s viability and market share, allowing competitors to use another entity’s techniques to increase profitability. Non-competition agreements are useful tools for protecting that information. These contracts restrict how an employee might be able to interact with a business’s competitors. However, even with these protections in place, some employees may breach the terms of a non-competition agreement or might cause harm to a business by violating trade secrets.

Our firm is familiar with many of those problems and may be able to help clients pursue compensation for breaches or enforce the terms of standing agreements. This extends to agreements between clients and contractors, competitors and employees. We might also be able to provide clients advice in other areas of employment law, including alleged breaches of fiduciary duty and claims of embezzlement.

Civil litigation can be a complex endeavor, but our firm can help clients understand their rights and might work to protect those rights in disputes inside and outside of court. Our lawyers may be able to provide insight into the unique circumstances of a client’s case and could develop a strategy that seeks to enforce the terms of an agreement or seek compensation for a breach of a contract. Those who are interested in learning more about our services might benefit from visiting the section of our website that discusses the different services our firm provides.

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