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Aggressive legal representation for victims of severe injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2014 | Civil Litigation |

Combining compassion with legal proficiency, we represent Oregon residents who’ve been severely injured in an accident caused by the negligent conduct of another person. Our lawyers understand that a serious injury like a spinal cord or brain injury can take a physical and financial toll on your life and the lives of your family members, and we firmly believe that you deserve compensation for your losses. We know that the recovery period can be long-term and that the medical expenses can be steep.

Our law firm, based in Portland, has proven strategies for effective results in personal injury claims. We’ll work diligently to try to secure the maximum amount of compensation you deserve while using the most efficient means possible during the litigation process. Our skilled team thoroughly analyzes the case in establishing a clear picture of liability so that we increase the likelihood of obtaining the reparation you need in order to fully recover from your injuries.

Our skillful team of personal injury lawyers prepare for trial by investigating our clients’ injuries through viewing their medical documentation. We also employ evidence from video surveillance and pictures in an effort to strengthen the case. Moreover, we use expert testimony that adds further credibility before the judge. We’ll talk to experts such as forensic, medical and vocational specialists as well as accident reconstruction experts that may further help to determine liability and establish damages in your case.

From the very beginning, our law firm will take your personal injury case very seriously. We begin by immediately starting the trial process that may lead to out-of-court settlement offers. Unless those offers from the insurance company and the opposing counsel are acceptable, we will proceed to court in the hopes that the settlement can be negotiated to your benefit.

Following an accident that resulted in a severe injury, we understand the potential losses that are involved. If you would like more information about what to do following a severe injury or you require litigation in other matters, please view our page on our legal practice areas.

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