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Environmental law and the Clean Water Act

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2015 | Federal Appeals |

We have discussed a variety of cases on this blog. Some of those have had to do with environmental law. The Clean Water Act is one of those laws that has a very important purpose in our world. We understand the act and know its purpose. We also know that businesses need to be able to function in order to help the people who benefit from them. No matter what side of the battle you are on, we have the knowledge of the law to help you learn about your rights and the options you have.

We have experience with how the act is handled in Oregon, California and Washington. While the act is a federal law and remains the same no matter which state the battle is in, the law is enforced and the water is assessed in different manners. This can make it difficult for some people to learn about the specifics for their state.

Municipalities, businesses and other entities have a duty to help keep the waterways in our country clean. The CWA is one way that the Environmental Protection Agency can do this. Anyone who needs to release pollutants into surface waters has to have a permit. Failing to have the proper permit can lead to legal woes.

Whether you are concerned about if the CWA is being followed or have a pending EPA enforcement action, we can help you to learn your rights and make a plan of action. We can help you as you face the court process that might follow.

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