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Protecting firms by safeguarding their assets

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2015 | Civil Litigation |

Modern companies all rely on intellectual property of some form, but their rights to their ideas and methodologies aren’t guaranteed. Other corporations, ex-employees and other parties may decide to take these trade secrets for themselves and profit. Although firms generally retain the ability to pursue action against those who violate the sanctity of their IP, they must follow the proper avenues to take full advantage of their lawful options. The lawyers at Oregon-based Chenoweth Law Group PC understand how important it is to safeguard the trade secrets your business revolves around, so we work hard to help you build and enforce legal protections.

Trade secret litigation isn’t just for pursuing competitors who steal patents, violate trademarks or otherwise damage your brand. We also help employers create viable non-compete, non-disclosure and non-solicitation agreements that make it easier to manage workforces and engage in deals with other parties. We have ample experience representing firms in pursuit restitution following embezzlement, employee theft and breaches of duty by managers, executives and other high-level decision makers. Regardless what the nature of your dispute is, we’re ready to strengthen your case.

Our past cases have placed us on both sides of the aisle. We’re ready to represent employers and employees with the same high levels of aggressiveness and attention to detail. Our in-depth comprehension of how civil litigation and court systems function lets us construct suits and defenses that put the law to work for our clients’ best interests.

Disputes over trade secrets and other forms of intellectual property are diverse; because these disagreements are so situational, it’s critical to evaluate which laws and legal strategies should be applied in each unique case. Visit our civil disputes article if you’d like to discover more about how business litigation could ultimately impact you.

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