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Protect your intellectual property to protect your business

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2015 | Federal Appeals |

Keeping your business protected is a key concern of business owners. This isn’t always as easy as just making sure that you have a steady stream of income coming in. Instead, you have to make sure that the intellectual property of your business is protected. This can sometimes mean having to wage legal battles in federal or civil court to protect trade secrets or uphold non-compete agreements.

We know that as a busy business owner, you don’t have time to deal with lengthy legal battles. We can stand on your behalf through a variety of court proceedings and other events to help ensure that your business’ interests remain protected.

If you have employees sign non-compete agreements, it is vital that those agreements are honored during and after the employee’s term with your company. These agreements can help to ensure that the employee doesn’t move from your company to another with the promise of using your trade secrets to help the other company advance in the same sector as your company.

Another point that you have to consider is the necessity to protect trade secrets. Trade secrets are some of the most important intellectual properties your business holds. If you think that a current or former employee is using your intellectual property to help a company they started or to help a competitor, you can take legal action to protect the future of your business.

We can help you as you work to protect all the intellectual properties of your company. We know that you aren’t trying to hamper your competitor, but you do need to protect your own business.

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