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The Case After the Case: The Appeal

Most fictional interpretations of the practice of law center around the trial. Best-selling novels, movies, and television legal fiction almost always focus on the attorney fighting for his client in the courtroom. Then, when the attorney wins the case, the credits roll and the movie is over.

However, in real life, the story is often not over at the conclusion of the trial. In many cases, the trial is only the beginning. The losing side will almost always want to appeal their case, and the appellate courts can overturn the results of the lower courts if they find a problem of law or procedure.

At Chenoweth Law Group in Portland, we represent businesses in appeals of all types of business litigation matters. We have specific experience in handling appeals for business clients throughout Oregon, Washington, and California.

Handling Your Trial Correctly the First Time

Even at the trial level, a good attorney will have an eye out for the appeal. Whether you win or lose your case, your attorney should be working to make a record that can then be used on appeal to seal the victory.

The appellate court will look at the transcript of the trial to determine if any errors have been made in procedure or law. A good attorney will be working during the trial to make sure anything valuable on appeal will be included in the record for the appellate court.

Appellate Experience

It is critical to understand: An appeal is a very different type of case than a trial. Make sure you work with an appellate attorney who has experience — not just general experience, but specifically appellate court experience. The appellate lawyers of CLG have this experience. We know how to fight to win your case on appeal.

Contact CLG for an Appellate Case Assessment

At CLG, we will look at your trial and determine whether you have a valid case for appeal. You need to contact us quickly, though, as there is not unlimited time to file for your appeal. Call us today at 503.446.6261 or email us.

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