How to Sell Your Business

Selling a business is an exciting opportunity. For many entrepreneurs, creating a business and then selling it at a profit is the plan from the start. For others, selling can be an opportunity to retire or move on to other ventures in life.

With all the excitement, however, comes significant risk. How do you know what your business is worth? How can you be confident that you can negotiate the terms of the sale in a way that protects your best interests?

Talk with an attorney from Chenoweth Law Group. We have the knowledge and experience to protect your interests in the sale of your business. From our headquarters in Portland, we represent clients in startups and business purchases and sales in Oregon and Washington.

Our lawyers will help you with all aspects of your business sale, including:

  • Timing: Is this the right time to sell your business? In some cases, it is better to wait for better market conditions or slightly increased profitability of your business before selling. The most important thing is to sell at a time that will maximize your profit.
  • Valuation: What is your business really worth? Our lawyers will help you determine an accurate estimate of what your business is worth and a range of acceptable offers.
  • Legal and financial considerations: Our lawyers will make sure all the legal and financial aspects of your business sale are handled well, so you avoid exposure after the sale.
  • Negotiation: As experienced negotiators and business lawyers, we will represent you in all negotiations regarding the sale of your business. Our attorneys will take the time to discuss your interests and goals so we can work to get a favorable purchase agreement that will meet your needs.
  • Contract drafting: Our lawyers can draft a purchase and sale agreement that will be clear and protective so you avoid any legal problems down the road.

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