Starting a Business in Oregon

For residents of Oregon or Washington interested in starting a new business, it is important to ask the question of which state to start in. Each state offers benefits and downfalls, but the most important question to ask is: Which state would work better for you and your business’s needs?

At Chenoweth Law Group, we can help you answer that question. From our headquarters in Portland, we represent business clients in Oregon, Washington and California, and throughout the country. Our lawyers have extensive experience and knowledge in helping people start new businesses in both Oregon and Washington. We can help you make smart choices for your business.

Benefits of Starting a Business in Oregon

New businesses in Oregon seem to be growing significantly in recent years, with a noteworthy business density rating. Further, according to Business Insider,* the state ranks in the top 10% for long-term business success, the tax structure is generally favorable and there is strong availability of reasonably well-educated potential employees. These are significant benefits.

Challenges to Starting a Business in Oregon

There are also some challenges to starting a new business in Oregon. As new businesses continue to pop up in the state, property values are rising. This can be a great sign of growth and future success, but it also costs more in the short term, putting more pressure on a new business’s overhead.

Careful Planning Now Can Safeguard Your Company Into the Future

CLG has represented small businesses and startups throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, providing valuable guidance in establishing their enterprise and in developing a legal framework that will sustain its growth through the years to come.

Get the Help You Need

For many people starting new businesses, Oregon is a strong choice. However, it may or may not be the right choice for you. Talk with our experienced business lawyers to determine where you should open your business. We can also help with all the legal aspects involved with your startup, and we offer flexible flat-fee options that cover a range of services for new businesses, as well as traditional hourly rates.

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